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Ghazal Heals Her Digestive Symptoms

After months of struggling with diarrhea and stomach-ache, my brother pointed me Steven direction. Since my GP had not offered much help, I decided to email Stevenmost definitely one of the best decisions I have made. Before I started the programme, I felt like my gut and my symptoms were in control of my life which would often get me down, but Steven has empowered me to take back control. We had an initial consultation on the phone and then decided what plan would be best suited for me. Steven suggested an elimination diet. He guided me along the path to my diet change by providing me with a wealth of information and suggestions of what I could eat and what I should avoid. Steven is very knowledgeable not just on nutrition but on general health issues. I found him non-judgmental but delivered his points clearly and concisely with a touch of humour. The focus was not just on food but how to live life healthily through exercise, stress management and rest. My biggest takeaway from the program is the influence food has on your general wellbeing. While that sounds obvious so many of us ignore it and this program made me think about what I was eating and the impact on my health. Following this diet had been a significant help for me to get my gut health back to normal. Now feeling in control of my health and starting to enjoy my life again. Thank you Steven 🙂

Ghazal. F

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