Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Disease Coaching

Healing from IBD does not need to be complicated.

I’ve done it. My clients have done it (some testimonials here). And so can you.

I will work with you across the areas below and help you to find your formula for living a symptom and drug free life (if that is your intention).

Nutrition – You will follow a diet specific to your diagnosis & symptoms that will allow you to heal from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. The food list will be limited in the beginning whilst your gut heals, and over time we will gradually bring in more healthful foods, so that you do NOT feel like a prisoner to your diagnosis. Episodes of ‘cheating’ will become part of your formula, so you can get back to doing the things that you love with friends and family (think chocolate, holidays, etc.).

Supplements – We will use supplements sparingly. Most of my clients take only 1 or 2 supplements, whilst others do not take any at all. Some supplements can be useful in the early days of healing, but we gradually phase them out and look to hit all of our requirements from diet and lifestyle. There is no need to have a list of supplements as long as your arm.

Lifestyle – There are many things in our lives that drive inflammation – it is not just about what’s on our plates. We will discuss areas such as relationships, career, exercise, social life, home environment, and others, with the goal of reducing inflammation from these sources. We will utilize self care practices such as meditation, breathing, gratitude practices and more as we build out our arsenal to combat inflammation and maintain our health.

Mindset – This is one of the most important areas that we will focus on. Our beliefs about our health have a measurable impact on our physiology. If you want to be met with success on this journey, there are limiting beliefs that we need to rid ourselves of, and our self talk needs to seriously up its game.