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As you can imagine, I get lots of messages from people who are ‘interested’ in healing. These messages are either

And the nature of the inquiries that I receive has really gotten me thinking about OWNERSHIP.

Generally speaking, there’s a lot that can be known about someone’s mindset and therefore their likelihood of being able to heal based on the nature of their inquiry.

How can I draw such grand conclusions, you ask?

Because I was there too.

I have deep empathy for the different stages of ‘wanting’ to heal.

I get messages starting from-

“how can I heal ulcerative colitis”


“what is casein”

in the YouTube comments section (yes, no punctuation, no Googling, no effort)

right the way through to incredibly thorough emails detailing stories about someone’s past including lifestyle, diet, relationships, symptoms, and their desire to get their lives back on track.

Which of these people do you think is going to be more successful?

Who wants their healing more?

Who is taking EXTREME ownership?

(love this video on extreme ownership if you have a moment)

And yes, the point I’m making is a generalization – some people do take complete ownership and just communicate differently.

With health, as in life, there is often no shortcut to success.

Success is made up of ownership, hard work, and failure (lots of it).

Success is a journey – you are always learning and always growing.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because it is ONLY when I took extreme ownership of my situation, and tirelessly put in the work, despite frequent setbacks, that I had lasting results.

And I am still on my journey.

As of writing this, I am 516 days symptom free and drug free for 10+ years.

It’s a good length of time, but it’s just a start.

My work is not done, and my journey is not over.

It never will be.

What my hard work has led me to, however, is my formula.

My formula is comprised of both diet and lifestyle factors, and I know that I if stick to my formula, my health remains.

My 516 days will last forever.

If I stick to it.

My formula also includes cheating – it’s part of it.

I drink alcohol, I eat red meat, I love dessert, I go to parties, I stay up late, and I’m even an occasional social smoker (although the older I get, the more boring I become, you know!?)

But it all fits within my formula.

So how did I find my formula?

I invested in myself.

I did this by-

  • Seeing my gastro doc (initially)
  • Carrying out thousands of hours of research (no exaggeration)
  • Buying ‘stuff’ including supplements, online courses, books etc.
  • Paying to see alternative practitioners like health coaches, functional medicine doctors, acupuncturists, meditation teachers, the list of alternative therapies goes on
  • Buying a whiteboard and going through a never-ending process of documenting, learning, and acting. I still have the whiteboard, and I still use it daily for both myself and my clients
  • Keeping a food diary
  • Sticking to the goals I set myself
  • Being empathetic towards myself
  • Being patient with myself
  • And much more. This is not the entire list, it’s just what springs to mind right now

All of these things led me to a deeper understanding not only of what it takes to heal IBD naturally (and stay that way), but what it takes to be healthy overall.

Because I plan to live a long time.

So ask yourself, what investments have you made in yourself?

How much ownership have you really taken?

Have you tried a few diets here and there for a few days each, then quit because you still had some symptoms?

Don’t bullshit yourself.

This is not an attack.

It’s a wake-up call.

Go get it.

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