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You Have To WANT To Heal From IBD, BADLY.

*Video Below*

We all want to heal naturally from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

I get that.

But do we want it bad enough to change our habits?

Time and time again I see people starting a program, and not sticking with it.

Either because it was challenging in itself, or because they couldn’t resist temptation.

What can we do about it?

We’ve been conditioned into our habits over the years, and changing them can be tough.

So we need to get to the WHY.

Getting to the why helps us to become accountable to the bigger picture.

When we get to the why of our goals; example ‘stop bleeding’

The goals usually become something like:

“I want to stop bleeding so that I can live a long, healthy, happy life with my partner and children.”

Getting to this why, this big picture, is very important for our accountability.

I talk about this some more in the video below.

If you’re still struggling with IBD, you can get in touch beneath the video.


Curious About How to Kickstart Your Healing From Ulcerative Colitis and/or Crohn’s Disease?


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