Soothing Mushroom Broth


Another simple one; this mushroom broth is perfect to supplement an elemental diet or as a tasty snack/broth between meals or before bed. It's zero residue, provides bowel rest, and the mushrooms we've chosen have some awesome health benefits. The Shiitake and Agaricus Blazei mushrooms have a measurable anti-inflammatory effect, as well as providing a [...]

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Healing Jell-O Elixir


So this one is REALLY easy, but such a great desert option if you have a compromised gut. It is a zero residue desert, meaning that it gives your gut the chance to rest and recover. The gelatin is particularly soothing & healing, and the Apple Cider Vinegar has a wealth of health benefits including [...]

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The 1% Rule


The Importance of Making Good Food Choices How do you make your decisions on what to eat? Is it the taste? The smell? The effect you know the food will have on your mood? Is it what makes your mouth water? Most of us make decisions based on what tastes good. Yawn. Something that [...]

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Are You Orthorexic?


Worried about what's on your plate? Do you freak out if you miss your daily multi-vitamin? Your daily green juice? Your daily apple cider vinegar, lemon, & cayenne elixir?  Well, I have bad news, that means you're probably going to die. That's a joke, but a lot of us do 'suffer' from what's called Orthorexia. [...]

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Why Eating Organic Isn’t Enough:


There's more to being healthy than eating Organic.. Imagine you have a fish tank, and that you buy the BEST quality fish flakes; expensive, organic, loaded with all sorts of wonderful phytonutrients etc.. If you don't keep the water clean, will the fish be healthy? If the water is not well oxygenated, will the fish [...]

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